Katie Hofacker

Photo transfers, acrylic paint, and resin allow me to create work that seems like a throwback to a time before photoshop, when photos were manipulated by hand. This technique is accomplished by collecting images from a wide array of sources and recombining them into my own surreal landscapes. I sometimes use up to 50 different transfers to create a single piece of art. In this manner, I am an appropriation artist.
I love creating my art because it feels as though I am creating another time and place using images from everyday life. The images I select are taken from times both past and present, and the artistic technique I employ allows me complete creative freedom. I strive to show the layers of life in my paintings.
My influences come from life, and I draw upon both ordinary and extraordinary life experiences as inspiration for my work. These experiences are then translated into new visions of reality by using pre existing photos documenting real life. To me, there is no better way to illustrate life than by using a diverse collection of snapshots from life itself. 
Artists who have influenced my work include Wayne White, Gunther von Hagens, and Julien Pacuad.
When others see my work, I want them to understand that it reflects reality. I hope others are able to find their own realities within the layers of my work.